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Should I Buy The Samsung UN65ES8000 LED 3D TV?

The Samsung UN65ES8000 is a slim, beautifully designed 65’LED 3D TV. This Samsung model incorporates stunning picture quality with innovative features. This is one of the most attractive TVs currently on the market. The UN65ES8000 has transformed the way the user interacts with the TV. This model allows any gamer or movie enthusiast to experience premium technology paired with dazzling picture quality. This TV is a must have for anyone that enjoys a breathtaking display, quality sound, and superior features.

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Design and feel of the Samsung UN65ES8000

This Samsung model offers a powerful 1080p, 240Hz display with this LED 3D TV. This display provides superior picture quality and an enhanced CMR ratio. The crisp, crystal-clear picture is created using the most vivid contrast and sharpest detail. The UN65ES8000 effectively uses Micro Dimming technology to offer a sharper image and improved contrasts. The 3D technology offered by this TV is also an enjoyable touch.

Samsung UN65ES8000

The sleek design of this TV is complimented by the ultra-slim bezel. The bezel is nearly edgeless and makes the picture seem larger. The bezel measures a half-inch from the edge of the frame to the edge of the picture. More importantly, the edges on the screen seem to practically disappear against any background.

The smooth design of the UN65ES8000 is paired with a stylish U-shaped stand. This stand is a polished, eye-catching complement to this Samsung TV. The camera and speakerphone are discretely placed along the top edge of this model, while the illuminated logo is placed along the bottom. Samsung has successfully designed this model to visually match the superior picture and sound quality.

Samsung UN65ES8000 sound

The premium sound quality of the UN65ES8000 is provided by the Digital Natural Sound Engine or DNSe for short. The DNSe is a sound system that is integrated into this model to enhance sound quality. The system uses signal processing and distinct equalizer settings to create several user-friendly presets. These presets are used to meet the preferences of many common listening environments. The system was intended to optimize the sound of the compact, ultra-thin TV design. The system memorizes the user settings and provides a customized TV menu. This menu includes a unique setting for each individual TV input. In some cases, these inputs can simulate the surround sound experience offered at movie theaters.


Samsung has successfully incorporated several innovative features into the UN65ES8000. One feature uses Smart Interaction. This feature allows the user to interact with a TV like never before. Gesture Control and Voice Navigation allow the user to speak commands and control the TV functions with the wave of a hand. There is also a Face Recognition feature that automatically logs the user into a Samsung Apps account. These features offer ease and control that are unmatched by any other TV on the market.

Samsung has also integrated a full web browser and innovative apps into the UN65ES8000.
These features help enhance the entertainment experience. The Smart Interaction feature and full web browser are both powered by a super-fast Dual Core Processor. This Samsung model is available with built-in camera and WiFi options. The camera is located at the top of the TV and allows any user to enjoy Skype and other social media technology. The wireless LAN technology makes it simple to browse the web and update Twitter and Facebook accounts. This technology makes it easy to stream movies, watch TV shows, and even download apps. Another innovative feature allows the user to watch TV or movies while browsing the web. Finding favorite movies and content is as simple as searching for them on YouTube, VUDU, or Hulu Plus.

The UN65ES8000 allows the user to take full advantage of unique content with several Signature Services. FITNESS is a service that helps the user maintain healthy living habits by exercising at home. This is a video-on-demand service that is offered by Samsung. FAMILY STORY is another service that allows the user to share family moments by uploading images to a gallery. There is also the ability to chat in real time and post messages. This service helps the entire family share those valuable moments. KIDS STORY is a service that suggests an array of children friendly programs that are suitable to view with a child. This service encourages childhood learning and education.

Samsung Extras

Samsung products are designed to work together effortlessly. This design provides the user with the opportunity to create a home entertainment system that functions seamlessly. Anynet+ offers control and compatibility between Samsung TVs and other Samsung devices that include home theater systems and Blu-ray players. There are also 3D glasses and a Samsung keyboard that are designed to enhance the entertainment experience.
Samsung UN65ES8000 features

The Verdict

This beautifully designed Samsung UN65ES8000 LED TV is a must have for any gamer or movie enthusiast. This TV offers innovative features, premium sound quality and a stunning, crystal-clear 65’ display. The TV is packaged with four pairs of 3D glasses, a touch-pad remote, and an innovative Smart TV platform. The features and services offered by this TV are unrivaled on the current market. The picture quality is superb using vibrant colors and Micro Dimming technology. Overall, the Signature Services, stylish design, and smooth 3D performance are all reasons to invest in a Samsung UN65ES8000 LED TV.

The Best 65 inch TV's on the market

The Best 65 inch TV's on the market for 2013

If you are looking for the perfect TV to enhance your entertainment system, there are a handful of 65 inch TV's that could be a match. Picking out a TV for your home is not as easy as it once was. With all the recent technological advances, and quality difference between manufacturers, you need to do your research before choosing your new TV. With more people opting for larger televisions in recent years, 65 inch TV's have become a favorite of silver screen aficionado's. 

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The Panasonic TC-P65VT50 

This 2012 model is known to produce one of the best picture quality's out there. The picture has a smooth and vivid look to it.With this flatscreen you will enjoy the tremendously deep black levels as well as the highly accurate color. The picture quality is not the only attraction though, it also has a number of convenient features. One of the better features is the Infinite black ultra panel which gives viewers even deeper black levels. The problem that many customers find with this model is the value does not merit the price. Panasonic has very similar models that are far less expensive than the Panasonic TC-p65vt50.

Sony XBR-65HX929 HDTV

Priced at nearly 6,000 dollars this is one of the most expensive 65 inch televisions you will find today. Although the price tag may seem heavy, Sony does have it's reasons for the inflated cost. This LED-based LCD is known for it's breathtaking picture quality that really brings the screen to life. This expensive model offers convenient features like built in WiFi, internet TV, and a sleep timer. Even though Sony released this back in 2011, it continues to be a favorite among many new buyers today. Others however feel that a big drawback to this TV is the price is just way too high. It does lack in some areas what other TV's in the same price range have, but the crisp picture quality does make one forget about the absence of other attributes.

Vizio M3D651SV 

The price of this flatscreen alone will interest many buyers. You can find Vizio's latest model for a little over 1,500 dollars. Paying only 1,500 for a high end smart TV like this one is not common among the leading TV's on today's market. The reason for the price cut is simple, it is just not as good as other leading TV's. It has an unusually reflective screen as well as black levels that leave something to be desired. The big problem with this model is the 2D picture quality is not even in the same ballpark as other similar TV's. When it comes down to it the Vizio M3D651SV gives you a good 65 inch TV for a great price, but will leave you wishing for more.

Samsung UN65ES8000


The Last 65 inch TV that you want to consider is also arguably the best, the Samsung un65es8000 doesn't fail to live up to the hype. My Samsung un65es8000 review left me not only impressed with the state of the art features, but blown away by the picture quality. The 2D picture is truly impressive producing razor sharp picture and terrific brightness. The black levels of this excellent flatscreen were also second to none. For those who enjoy watching movies in 3D, it offers a top of the line 3D experience as well with crisp and vivid picture. 
Samsung have really stepped their game up with all of the innovative features that you will find with this 65 led TV. For your convenience they have added gesture control, face recognition and voice navigation. The sound on this 65 inch LED is also something that stands out from the rest of the pack. The digital natural sound engine produces a premium sound quality that is matched by few.
If your looking to get the most bang for your buck, the Samsung un65es8000 is without question the right choice. This sharp Samsung 65 TV is a cut above other screens in the same price range, and competes with even the most costly of Televisions. With crystal clear picture and an arsenal of advanced features, this TV will provide quality entertainment for years to come.
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